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How our program works

Wilson County churches are working together to serve as emergency shelters for 15 weeks this winter. In a program modeled after Nashville's Room in the Inn, each church provides volunteers one night a week.

God has given this ministry safety and blessings since it began in December 2013. Last winter, we revamped our program to keep everyone safe during the pandemic. Thanks to the efforts of our COVID Response Team, staff and volunteers, there were no cases of COVID contracted in our shelters. This year the health and safety of our guests and volunteers remains a priority and we will follow CDC guidelines.

Here are ways to get involved. Fill out the form below and we'll follow-up!

Stay Overnight

Through 15 weeks of winter, we will be prepared to host up to 40 men and 10 women. Volunteers stay overnight attending to guest needs. Must be 18 or older.

Drive a Bus

Volunteers provide shuttle service to and from shelters each day. To volunteer as a bus driver all you need is a standard driver's license.

Provide Dinner, Breakfast, or Goodie Bags.

Prepare and deliver dinner and/or breakfast to a shelter. Dinner is typically served around 6 p.m. Breakfast can be delivered the night before or by 6:30 a.m.

On-call Medical Professional

Licensed and insured medical personnel on stand-by to answer health questions overnight.

Wash Sheets & Towels

Wash shelter linens at the The Center For Hope and Renewal. Or, pickup and return a few days later.

Donate Goodie

Donate goodie bags for shelter guests. Pack small treats into a Ziplock baggie. We will give to guests as they leave in the mornings. This is a great project for children!

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